Fethiye Öludeniz Paragliding


Fethiye Ölüdeniz not only hosts the guests who like swimming in the sea and sun bath on the beach,but also the people who love the adrenalin and adventure. Especially It is a perfect destination for paragliding enthusiasts. Babadağ, standing besides the unique beauty of Ölüdeniz,is one of the most appropriate places to do paragliding in Turkey and in the world.With its weather conditions and the height,Babadağ serves guests who want to do paragliding,this region’s most important activity,within 12 months.

To soar like the birds, feel the wind, use thermals to rise, from time to time touch the clouds while flying… FREEDOM MUST BE SOMETHING LIKE THIS ! You can do paragliding and experience this freedom with professional paragliding pilots of our partner company Butterfly Company.
At the moment you take off from the runway,the nature begins to offer you a visual feast. During the flight ,depending on the route, you can see Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kayaköy, Hisarönü, Ovacık, St Nicholas, the Island of Rhodes and the Butterfly Valley. After landing on the beach where people watch you while you are flying,with the joy of experiencing paragliding you will recommend people to spend their holidays in Ölüdeniz and in particular to do paragliding.



The things that you need to know to do paragliding in Fethiye – Ölüdeniz in the easiest and cheapest way without training on tandem paragliding are:

1-Tandem is doing paragliding with the help of a pilot in the same parachute(pilot+passenger).You do the paragliding with the professional pilots of our partner company Gravity which has a T2 certificate.All flight operations are controlled by the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

2-Flights, when the weather conditions are appropriate,are organized in summer 5 times and in winter 3 times per day.

3- Our company is committed to quality, trust and customer satisfaction. New flight equipment and parachutes are used in our flights.Comfortable and air-conditioned van transportation is provided to Babadağ.

4-The things that you need for a flight are sports shoes,casual clothes,sun glasses and water (if you like).During the flight it is forbidden to use mobile phones or cameras for a safe flight.

5-The people who have health problems such as heart disease, asthma, pregnancy and so on, and the people who are over 100 kg. can not do paragliding.

6-Depending on the weather conditions the runway is selected by the pilot. Flight,depending on the weather conditions,whether the passengers want to do acrobatics or not and the passengers’ weight, takes about 20-35 minutes.

7-Before the flight,when you put on your equipment ,the pilot informs you about the take off and landing.Then both the pilot and the passenger run down the runway to take off.

8- During the flight the pilot and the passenger are insured by the insurance company.

9-National Park entrance fee, equipment usage fee,insurance and transfers are included in the flight price. The photos and videos taken by your pilot in the air require extra fee.

10-The most important issue that you need to pay attention about the flight is not only the price,but whether the pilots in the company have T2 flight certificate or not,the company’s insurance against possible accidents, the age of the equipment used for the flight.Because these are the effective factors about the price given for the flight.

11-If you decide to do Paragliding,you must book in advance.For example 2-3 days before the flight.And on the flight day,you need to be at the office 30 minutes before the departure.


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12 thoughts on “Fethiye Öludeniz Paragliding”

  1. inanılmaz güzel bir deneyimdi..zafer hoca ile güvenli bir uçuş gerçekleştirdik..teşekkürler

  2. Hayatımda yaşadığım en güzel deneyimlerden biriydi. Uçmanın ne demek olduğunu hissetmek istiyorsanız adres yamaç paraşütü. Zafer beye de bu deneyim için çok teşekkür ederim.

  3. Uçmak hep hayalimdi Zafer bey sayesinde gerçek oldu. Muhteşem manzara, adrenalin, eğlence ne istersen hepsini gökyüzünde yaşıyorsunuz. Bence mutlaka deneyin pişman olmazsınız. Korkulacak bir şey yok

  4. Absolutely amazıng experıence!! Zafer was my pılot and he was so helpful and made the experıence even more fun! I recommend thıs to anyone who vısıts Oludenız!

  5. Heyecanlı ve güzel bir uçuş oldu.Büyük bir keyif verdi.Bence anlatılmaz yaşanır.Herkese tavsiye ederim

  6. Özgürlük özğürlük daha ne denir ki yükseklik korkum olmasına rağmen hayatta yaptığım en çılgın şey kesinlikle yamaç paraşütü idi. Tecrübesi ve fotoları ile keyifli uçuş yapmama olanak sağlayan Zafer hocama ve ekibine sonsuz teşekkürler

  7. the flıght was great ıts really safe and the pılot was frıendly and experıenced the vıews were out of thıs world worth tryıng

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